When Should My Daughter’s Ears Be Pierced?

Ear piercing
Pierced ears

If your little baby is otherwise healthy, it is best to wait till the age of four months to ensure that her ear lobes are developed and that she has received two doses of tetanus vaccination, at least (DPT).

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Does my child need a tetanus shot?


A cut that will require suturing (deeper than skin)
A cut that will require suturing (deeper than skin)

This has to be one of the most frequently asked question to me. My child has been injured (the urgency becomes greater if the offending object was a rusty piece of metal)! Doctor, please give him a tetanus shot!

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Take care! How to prevent the most common burn injury in children

You are having a well deserved cup of hot chai after a long, hard day at work. Either the phone or the doorbell rings and you get up to answer it or maybe you get called away to another part of the house. Unfortunately, absentmindedly, you leave your cup of tea at the edge of the table with the handle jutting out. Continue reading “Take care! How to prevent the most common burn injury in children”

Have you taught your child how to cough & sneeze?

As parents we try our best to teach our children all that we can. Many of the things are taught by talking to them, lecturing them or going through books etc. But children understand and learn best by what is set as an example.

I think that the only way to teach is by example, as children will more easily follow what they see you do than what you tell them to do.
Gloria Estefan

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CT scans may increase the risk of cancer in adolescents & children

With the advent of newer technology, there is a greater tendency amongst patients and doctors to demand that there should be complete diagnosis and evaluation for even the most trivial of complaints. This results in a plethora of investigations. Just like everything else in life, everything comes at a price. The indiscriminate use of CT scans (especially CT head for minor trauma) has greatly increased the risk of developing cancer subsequently. [1]

I think one needs to be sensible and discuss with your doctor, whether a particular investigation is really required, what are the benefits and what are the risks of the procedure.


1. CT Scans May Increase Cancer Risk in Children, Adolescents

Should I feed nuts to my toddler?

NutsNuts have been labelled as  health foods since ancient times. In Indian folklore, almonds have always been associated with an improved memory. While most of these beliefs are based on fact, it is strongly recommended that you do not feed nuts to your child till he/she is beyond four years of age.

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Can I avoid circumcision on my child?

The good news is that most of the time one can avoid circumcision in children with tight foreskins. As I have explained here, almost all male newborns are born with tight foreskins. If the child does not have any problems, it is best to wait it out for natural separation to occur in almost 95% of all children by 5 years of age. They just require the usual care of the foreskin in uncircumcised boys.

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Is the surgery normal, Doctor?

Crossing a busy street

This is probably one of the most common questions that I encounter. By the time this question comes up, I have already discussed about the near negligible risks (but not zero) of surgery and anesthesia in children at least twice. The actual risk of death for healthy children undergoing anesthesia is of the order of 1:100000 children undergoing anesthesia. To define this in easily understood terms, the risk is less than half the risk of crossing a busy street. We merrily (or should I say with gay abandon!) cross streets 15-20 times a day at the very least paying nary a thought to the very real possibility of an accident.

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